Thursday, April 11, 2013

10 Tips for Healthy Living in Your 30s for Women

Most women in their 30s feel it is the best time in their lives, many women in their 30s also have multiple roles such as mom, cook, cleaner, bread winner plus many other roles.

Women in their 30s need to make sure they are pursuing healthy living and women will at times push their own needs aside to make sure other factors or areas in their lives are being taken of first.

Many women think of others first, especially moms tend to put everyone else as priority. Moms often have a hard day of working out of the home or in the home, taking care of the kids and all the tasks that are involved with being a mom and thinking about healthy living is the last thing from a mom's mind.

However, it is of the utmost importance for women in their 30s to maintain a healthy living lifestyle so that they can be in tip top shape to continue and keep up with their busy lifestyles and live their lives to the fullest.
Here you will find 10 tips for healthy living for women in their 30s, each tip is simple and easy but will really help to make life healthy and enjoyable.

Take Naps

Women especially moms are notorious for not getting enough sleep and lack of sleep is one of the leading causes of women not feeling and looking their best. Lack of sleep is very serious and can take years off of a life. Taking naps when there is that tiny bit of a break or when the kids take naps is a great way to get energized, rested and to maintain a healthy living.

Drink Water

The simple act of drinking water can seem to be the obvious, yet many women of all ages do not get enough of the minimal daily intake of water. Water helps to remove toxins in the body and helps to keep the skin looking healthy and radiant. It is very important for women of all ages to get enough water in their system to help the body functions to work properly, the skin to look and feel beautiful and to live a healthy lifestyle.

Daily Moisturizer

Women in their 30s need to replenish their skin daily with much needed moisturizer. Women in their 30s really need to be adamant about applying a daily moisturizer to help keep skin looking beautiful. A daily moisturizer with sunscreen is an added bonus.

Relax in a Bath

Relaxation is rare if not existent for women especially moms but the stress of daily women and mom life can really affect the way a women looks and feels. A small amount of daily relaxation is important for a woman to look and feel beautiful. Taking a bath is a wonderful way for a woman to get some much needed relaxation time in and to help with living healthy.

Wear Sunscreen

Sun damage causes premature aging of the skin and possible cancer, skin especially as it ages is susceptible to all types of environmental issues. It is important for woman to protect their skin when they are outside and use a daily sunscreen even when the sun is not shining.

Nightly Cleansing

Healthy living involves the skin, it is important to remove makeup nightly. Women especially in their 30s should make sure they wash their face nightly to get rid of make of any makeup residue and impurities. A clean, fresh face is an excellent way to keep the skin healthy and to keep the skin feeling beautiful.

Short Walks

Exercise is so important for women of all ages but especially for moms in their 30s. It is at times difficult for Moms to find the time to exercise but taking quick short walks alone or with the kids is a fantastic way to get the daily exercise in. Many women in their 30s say their body changes dramatically from when they were in their 20s so it is extremely important to maintain healthy living by exercising.


Smiling not only makes a woman look beautiful on the outside but it helps to make a woman feel beautiful on the inside. If you are a looking for a no cost way to feel positive, make sure to put a big smile on your face and get ready to show the world just what a beautiful woman you are.

Yearly Exam

Women in their 30s go through lots of change and a woman's body will not react the same as it did in younger years. It is essential that women go for their yearly exam and talk to their doctor about any concerns or questions they may have.

Eat Healthy

Women are typically on the go and when we are on the go it can be difficult at times to eat well. It is so important to eat healthy and maintain a balanced diet to continue with a healthy living lifestyle.

Women need to feel and look beautiful inside and outside their bodies, the tips highlighted here for women in their 30s will help to maintain or start a healthy living lifestyle. Women want to feel beautiful about themselves inside and out, living a healthy lifestyle is the first step.

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